Selection and structure

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Selection and structure




For new machines, select a state-of-the-art PLC that offers programming software. Only products that are compatible with SELMO and can import PLCOPEN.xml are permitted without exception. In addition, recommended products apply to the PLC for reasons of rational spare parts stocking, or the spare parts must be kept in stock.


The manufacturer's installation guidelines must be strictly adhered to. In particular, we refer to the measures for earthing, shielding and interference voltage protection. The thermal load of the assemblies must not exceed 75 % of the specified limit values.

If the scope of the electrical control, i.e. PLC supply and power section, requires a control cabinet panel with a width of more than 1,200 mm, the PLC must be installed in a separate cabinet panel.


All the above-mentioned restrictions remain valid for every PLC.


If deviations from these delivery specifications are unavoidable, this must be expressly agreed upon with the client.