Function description

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Function description

This simulation involves a system that sorts cans into a box and finally empties it again. The cans are transported on a conveyor belt.

A light barrier recognizes the can at the pickup point of a 2-axis portal robot. Then the conveyor belt stops and the gantry arm grips the can and sorts it into a box,

which is located on a second conveyor belt. As soon as the light barrier no longer detects a can, the conveyor belt starts up again and brings a new can to the pickup point.

The position of the box on the conveyor belt is monitored by two further light barriers to ensure a smooth process.

A total of 9 cans are sorted into the box.

After the box is fully loaded, the second conveyor belt starts and brings the box towards a robot arm.

Another light barrier detects when the box is reached at the end of the conveyor belt. Reaching the end position activates the robot arm,

which grabs the box and moves it to a desired position to finally empty the box.

Then it moves back to the starting position and places the box back on the conveyor belt.

Now the conveyor belt switches on again and the empty box returns to its starting position under the 2-axis portal robot.

The light barrier recognises the box and stops the conveyor belt. The portal arm starts to sort again and the process repeats.