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The indication of the EMERGENCY STOP condition is required, must be signalled with a red indicator light in continuous light and must be signalled in the control unit. The signal must be visible from the operator's usual working position. Contact blocks must be detected in the event of falling or must be constructed in such a way that this fault can be ruled out. Each electrical control shall be provided with at least one emergency stop button with positive latching and locking capability.

The minimum required stop category is category 1.

Stop category 1:

"Controlled stop with the maintenance of the power supply during the stopping process.


The power supply is switched off after the machine has stopped.

All safety devices of a plant as well as the delimitation of the "EMERGENCY STOP" circuits between individual parts of the plant must be agreed upon with the client.

In the case of interlinked systems/machines, an emergency stop concept must be drawn up by the supplier and agreed upon with the client.

Interlinking between different "EMERGENCY STOP" areas is necessary if there is a risk to persons and/or machines/machinery at the transfer points of interlinked machines/machinery.