Programme structure

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Programme structure



The control programme is to be created according to the SELMO specifications. Any deviations must be clarified in advance between the contractor and the customer (electrical department).

The SELMO programming tools for the clear and structured structure of PLC programs are to be used, especially in the logic and separation of functions. SELMO is to be used for the purpose of clear programming. High-level language elements in SCL are desired in complex function modules (drivers and functions) to improve the readability of these programme components.

To ensure uniform software for all machines, the following structure must be adhered to. The "x 'is a placeholder for the zone number.

In each PLC there is a Main or OB1 which represents the cyclic call of programs or function blocks.

In the main, the programs are imported from SELMO and called. The calls can be copied from the supplied .txt.

The drivers for the connection between logic and system components (actuators, sensors, logic functions, controllers, etc.) can also be imported as PLCOPEN XML. The call and instantiation are carried out in SELMO if it is in the SELMO driver. Own drivers are to be created according to SELMO specifications (structure, interfaces, etc.) and integrated according to SELMO specifications.