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In consultation with the Client, appropriate training measures for the planning, operating and maintenance personnel shall be determined in good time. It is agreed that both the Contractor and the Client shall name a person who is responsible for all training and educational measures carried out by a SELMO certified trainer.

The Contractor shall train the Client's personnel in such a way that they are capable of theoretically and practically managing, operating and maintaining the equipment supplied. The training shall include not only the performance and work activities within the normal trouble-free operation but also the activities related to the start-up, shut-down, interventions in case of any average conditions and malfunctions of the installation.

The Client's personnel shall complete the necessary external and internal theoretical training and, if possible, participate in the tests and commissioning of the installation. The Contractor's personnel shall provide the necessary information and consultations. If possible, the practical training shall be carried out during the assembly and trial operation under the supervision of the Contractor's experts.

The specific dates of the individual activities of the training program shall be determined jointly, taking into account the availability and working time of the Client's personnel to be trained.