Special functions

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Special functions



The selection is made via the corresponding user screen with the release via the key switch "Special functions" on the control panel. The following special functions are mandatory on every machine:


Empty run

All production parts are transported out of the line after machining without new parts being fed in. No machine operation takes place in the empty stations. In complex lines, two functions must be integrated:

1.Emptying the complete production line (marked by the enclosing safety fence) and

2.Emptying parts of the line (e.g. rotary tables). Both functions must be integrated.


With welding (application picture welding control):

If this function is switched off, all movements run in automatic/ jog mode until the welding cylinders are controlled. Only after switching to "With welding" do the welding cylinders move forward and the system runs its cycle to the end.

In manual mode, the welding cylinders are advanced via the movement buttons on the associated control panel, the welding control is controlled via a separate programming device.


Automatic without ignition (application picture welding control):

The system runs in automatic/jog mode with the ignition switched off, i.e. no welding takes place.


Tool "Out of service

In systems with several identical tools (e.g. rotary tables), the function "Out of service" must be executed for each tool. This allows one or more tools to be switched inactive during production. This ensures that production can be maintained in the event of major defects in individual tools.


Declaring a production part as a scrap part

It must be possible to declare each production part in a production unit as a scrap part. This part is not further processed in the production line and can be removed from the designated station.


Declaring a production part as a test part

It must be possible to declare each production part in a production unit as a test part. This part is taken from the production line in the designated station. The procedure for the production of test parts must be clarified with the respective plant supervisor.


Declaring a station as an empty station (without part)

It must be possible to declare each station as an empty station (i.e. there is no component in the station). Depending on the system configuration, the empty station is filled again with the next cycle, or the "empty station" is conveyed through the complete system.


Other special functions are e.g:

1.Reset error (user screen welding control):

2.Reset counter (application screen welding control):

3.Without feed unit