Control structure and personnel collateral

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Control structure and personnel collateral



The circuits specified in the EPLAN are principle circuits and do not represent the circuit diagram of a complete control system.

The guidelines for circuit design described in the section "Hardware documentation" must be observed.

At the start of construction, the division of the control areas as well as emergency stop and protective circuit concepts must be coordinated with the responsible persons of the client.


Personnel guarantees

can be provided by:

- Keyed laser scanners (with original manufacturer's holder)

- Personal safety light grids

- Protective windows, exclusively vertically closing

- Robot area protection


If the safety area is interrupted, the power supply to the outputs that can control movements in this safety area must be switched off. After leaving the safety zone, it must be reactivated by the operator.

For optoelectronic safety devices, two independent systems must always be used.

All personal safety circuits must have two channels with positively driven contacts.

Only personal safety light curtains and scanning laser scanners that have been approved by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association or corresponding national institutions may be used. Light grids and scanning laser scanners must have BG approval for electro-sensitive protective equipment on power-driven work equipment (ZH1/597).


Testing before initial commissioning

Before electro-sensitive protective equipment is put into operation for the first time, a test must be carried out by an expert. The test must cover the correct interaction of the electro-sensitive protective equipment with the control system of the power-driven work equipment and the installation under these safety regulations.