Status and error displays

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Status and error displays


For machines / mechanical systems, production cells, interlinked systems,

assembly systems, the operating status must be indicated through a clearly visible signal light:


Red (flashing light): Fault indication (e.g. machine standstill due to an electrical or mechanical fault, "EMERGENCY STOP" actuation).

Yellow (continuous light): Machine standstill due to missing start prerequisites (e.g. set-up operation, maintenance, missing workpieces, tool change)

Yellow (flashing light): Warning, machine standstill imminent due to e.g. missing workpieces in advance, minimum stock reached.

Green (continuous light): Machine is running in automatic mode, normal operation

Green (flashing light): Machine/machine system is in automatic mode, the start requirement has been met.


The installation of the signal light must be agreed upon with the client. The sequence of colours is from top to bottom red-yellow-green.