Transparency of the state-zone model

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Transparency of the state-zone model


In the state-zone modelling, the first operation of the requirement is fulfilled. The model shows that the controller outputs what is to be done, what is currently happening and what is to be done next at each point in time. With the output of the states, the information about the current state and about the following states is given. The output of the Mx and Px give clear information about the system at any time, what is currently being done.

In the example given, Z2 is displayed in the state:

Current state is Z2

Input E2 must be reached

After reaching E2, the system switches to Z3.

In case of an error (P), the corresponding message is displayed.

In the event of an error (F), the corresponding message is output.


The second requirement for transparent control is fulfilled by the implementation of the model in the program development. The implementation of the model must follow the behaviour and definitions from the model.